Manual do utilizador (e usurpador) da Liberdade de Expressão (em Inglês)

1. FREE SPEECH IS AT THE VERY TOP OF YOUR WISH LIST. Free Speech is the most fundamental of your fundamental rights. Once you lose it, you won’t have the means to complain when politicians come back and destroy your wealth, your health, your soul, your ideals, your hopes, your projects, your whole life. Free Speech is the freedom that protects all freedoms.

2. FREE SPEECH IS ALL OR NOTHING. Free speech is not negotiable. You cannot decide what others are allowed to say, because others cannot decide what you’re allowed to say. Free Speech is a reciprocity : even if you hate what I say, and even I hate what you say, you guarantee my freedom and I guarantee yours. We don’t have to agree with each other, except on that point : we have the right to disagree with each other.

3. IF YOU CANNOT SAY WHAT YOU THINK, YOU CANNOT BE WHAT YOU ARE. Your opinions are not concepts : they are the way you react to the world and take a chance to change it. When you are fully censored, your deepest thoughts, emotions, hopes, ideals, react like flowers without sun : they slowly die. This vicious process endangers the true meaning of your existence, and you progressively lose your own identity. Free Speech is the fresh air that makes your very own self breathe.

4. FREE SPEECH IS THE THING THAT DICTATORS HATE THE MOST. Some of them will allow you to run a big business, or to travel abroad, but they’ll never accept the fact that you have independent thoughts, critical opinions and dissenting ideas. Every time you fight for Free Speech, you disturb those motherfuckers. And that’s a pretty moral thing to do.

5. FREE SPEECH IS THE ULTIMATE SIGN OF DEMOCRACY. If you’re not allowed to sing, then the choir falls apart. Your very own Free Speech is the sword, the shield and the flag of democracy. That’s why, definitely, the future of democracy asks you to be as vocal as you can be, as frequently as possible. The trap of international censorship is desperately trying to swallow the Internet : make it spit freedom back out right now.

6. FREE SPEECH IS ALIVE ON THE INTERNET. No media in history of man is more independent than the Internet. It’s a fantastic victory for freedom. Well… it was. If censorship wins the war, Free Speech will be put in its death-bed, if not killed outright. We don’t like that idea.

7. FREE SPEECH IS BEAUTIFUL. For freedom is the most beautiful ideal and the greatest cause you will ever find. If you do not understand that point, maybe you should better work for Bank Of America, or run a dictatorship.

8. FREE SPEECH NEEDS YOUR COURAGE. Fighting for freedom has never been an easy game, and it never will be. You have to be strong, organized, mobilized and optimistic. Show your values, show your virtues, show your guts, for God’s sake (or whatever you believe in)!

9. IF YOU DON’T DO IT FOR YOUR OWN FREEDOM, DO IT FOR THE LULZ. The fight for freedom is exciting. With Anonymous, this excitement induces lots of lulz, which is excellent for your psychological health. Enjoy it to the max : dictators hate it when people laugh at them. And if you don’t do it for the fun, do it because most human beings live under censorship – and you’re next on the list, my dear Anon friend.

10. FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET IS HERE TO STAY. We will never surrender. We are legion. We are one. We are you. You are Anonymous. Welcome.



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